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Proof will help you to build a company people love.

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A picture of the Sprocket dashboard showing a customers persona
A customer persona from the dashboard

Design for Business

We've converted the best practices of our marketing team into digital tool that you can use for your strategic marketing activities.

Undertand your customers

Gain insights into their problems

Develop a solution

Develop the solutions they will pay for.

Profitable Pricing

Pricing your product or service with both your competition and customers in mind.

Create Effective Marketing

Create A marketing Campaign tailored towards your customers.

Proof’s powerful and easy to use process will turn your idea into your reality

Proof is a marketing app that puts your business’s success into your hands. It’s powerful, simple and automated so you can spend less time focusing on the ins and outs of your marketing process and more time actually focusing on business.

A form to get key information from a potential customer.An introduction page form the dashboardBreakeven Analysis Chart

How it works


Start the Process

Proof guides you through the process of building your marketing strategy from scratch.


Gather the Information

Understand your market, your competition, and your customers so that you can craft a product or service that resonates with them.


Implement your plan

Marketing analytics turn data into insight and action into growth. The faster you can turn data into insight and action into growth, the faster you can grow your business.

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A picture of the Sprocket dashboard

Proof guides you through the marketing process

Inside Proof we've built a powerful marketing engine with all the tools you need to run and track your marketing data, monitor performance and develop a framework to make smarter decisions.

Cloud Based
Mobile Responsive

What clients said about Proof Alpha

We saw incredible results with the process, but some companies didn't like the experience.....So we changed the UX (user experience) and UI (user interphase). Not an Excel Sheet in sight!

We value our customers and their feedback to create the best tool a business will need.

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The process is super organised and sets out a clear timetable and methodical plan for us all to work to, it introduced us to a range of great new tools to deliver the plan and made us accountable for our output and improvements.

Charity CEO

I cant wait for the full tool... I need Proof.

Soloprenuer Startup

We are so much further forward in such a short space of time and eagerly await to results of the hard work.

CEO Construction

Really clear process if you are looking for a guide to start any project or business idea you have in mind.

Serial Entreprenuer

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